Debra Darnall aka "The BoneLady" Biography

A life long Browns fan, born in Cleveland, Ohio, Debra is an artist by trade. Her gift for creativity along with her outrageous personality enabled her to create "The BoneLady."

What makes "The BoneLady" so special is the message behind it all, "Be Who You Are." This quirky but loveable character was born out of a celebration for her favorite football team's return to the NFL after a 3 year absence. Her excitement inspired her to do some "radical" things to herself and her car.

Debra took her Volvo station wagon and painted it like a Browns helmet. She then placed an eight foot light up bone on the roof and decorated every inch inside and out with Browns memorabilia and "Bone Paraphernalia." Her car became known as "The Bone Mobile." Being an artist, Debra couldn't just leave it at that, so she went to her garage, donned with her glue gun and emerged as "The BoneLady."

Since then, Debra has realized that she is simply following her soul's path and only by doing that will she be truly happy. She is certain that so many of the positive things that have happened to her are because of this character she has created and her decision to follow her dream. She was honored in the Visa Hall of Fans at the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio as the 2001 Fan of The Year for the Cleveland Browns. She has had opportunities to work with many charities and also promote sportsmanship with other ultimate fans while inspiring people to "be who they are." "Debra Darnall has been the life of the party ever since the Browns returned." - John Petkovic, The Cleveland Plain Dealer

Her enthusiasm for both life and the game of football make her a champion for individualism. Certainly, she received her share of ridicule for her passionate display of fanaticism, but she didn't care. She was determined to be her own person no matter what. And, Debra knows that because she had the courage to follow her inner voice, she has made herself happy, been an inspiration to others and made a lot of people smile.

For more information or to inquire about personal appearances, please contact Debra at
614-371-1910, or via our online Contact Form.

Canton pilgrimage The NFL's face-painted fanatics infiltrate "Pro Football's Best Weekend"

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